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The Trinity Society was created in 2007 to provide the framework needed to accept legacy gifts while also informing parishioners on end-of-life issues. Legacy gifts are channelled directly into the Foundation’s Endowment Fund, bolstering the Cathedral's long-term financial health. They ensure that the Cathedral will shine its special light in the city of Paris for generations to come.


There are a variety of ways to give, including bequests, pooled income funds, life insurance policies, or real estate. Donors can be honored publicly by including their name on our list of members, or choose to remain anonymous. The nature and amount of gifts are strictly confidential.

Planned giving is a concrete expression of the wise use of the resources God has entrusted to us. The Cathedral has made a difference in your life… make a difference in the life of the Cathedral by leaving a legacy gift.


For more information about the Trinity Society, and about the various means of making planned gifts in the U.S. please contact Jennifer Cortright Gosmand at development@americancathedral.org